Why we aren’t renting

Firstly, we believe that renting is dead money. We’ll be paying the same amount out each month and won’t get anything in return, which in the long run will be more of a loss than a gain and we like getting things for our money, as you should to.

Secondly, we have a dog. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a place that would rent to a dog owner? It doesn’t matter if the dog is well behaved, up to date with flea and worming treatment, it’s nearly impossible to rent and you can only rent if you have a decent income, because the payout can be up to double of what it would be without a dog.

So if you’re seriously considering renting I suggest you don’t say yes to the ‘ Do you want a dog?’ question off your parents when you’re 16 or above. They’ll be expecting you to take that little and cute money trap with you, and you’ll want to do it. Honestly though, I wouldn’t change him for the world.


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