Download Festival


OK, so 5 nights camping for two when saving for a house isn’t the best move we could of made.

The usual excuses: it’s for a birthday, I might never get the chance to see some of these bands again and it works out cheaper spending around £500 in total ( so tickets, parking, food and alcohol) then it would to purchase band tickets individually. All reasonable points, especially the last one.

My main reason. I want to live my life as well as save. We both work around 50 hours a week, 100 hours in total, incase any of you thought that 50 hrs was combined. Whats the point in working to a point of exhaustion if you can’t afford to let off some steam at some point?

Some of you (those with well paid jobs, or those that don’t own a house) will be thinking oh you can do that when you have your house. I can assure you, from what I’ve seen in my life is that it only gets harder. You soon realise you’re working to survive not working to live.

With the government taking 20% of your wage. Then there’s your retirement fund, which I’m sure I’ll be grateful for when I’m 80, because I can guarantee that’ll be the new retirement age, with the way the government keep pushing it up, but is anyone thinking “I could really use that money now?” Because I know I am. Then there’s road tax, council tax and any other tax they can add on there. YAY ADULTHOOD!

All I can say is it’s a trap. don’t fall into it. Plan like a pro and remember to have fun, because as soon as you let bills, houses and kids, yes the money pit that is children, into your life, say goodbye to the freedom of going out when you want. It’ll be when the baby sitter wants and when nothing broke down in your house that month.

So back to the point.. WE BOUGHT DOWNLOAD TICKETS! and we’re going to enjoy every sodding minute of it! no strings attached for the win.

Stay tuned for when I regret my decision 50 million times, because I’m an adult and that what we do.


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